About Youth Alpha


The Youth Film Series is twelve episodes designed to engage high school students in some of life’s biggest questions. Each session will examine a different aspect of the Christian faith: Who is Jesus? Why did He die? How does God guide us? and many other topics. Our team is working hard to make this one of the best things to hit Canada since poutine. Based off of the classic Alpha Course, the Youth Alpha Film Series is tailored to and for high school students. We are planning on launching it big, with hundreds of courses in 100 cities with more than 5000 students. Be sure to sign up if you want to be one of the first to run it!

Cost: Free online download.

Got questions? Please contact youth@alphacanada.org


Leading a Youth Alpha course before September?

If you simply can’t wait to get your hands on the film series, or you would prefer to give live talks, Youth Alpha provides all the tools you’ll need. Using a free online application called “Talk Builder” you can pull together clips, games and a speaking outline. Here’s a brief overview of “Getting Started with Youth Alpha“. Also, check out the Youth Alpha Blog to find great tips, stories, and training for you and your team.

Four Simple Steps to Leading a Youth Alpha Course:

  1. Sign up your course here. (Registration for the Film Series Courses in September will launch in April 2013)
  2. Register for Talk Builder here (free talk outlines).
  3. Build a team and do some training (available free on this site).
  4. Invite your friends.
‘I went to Alpha the first night, not expecting anything. It was like somebody was finally speaking truth into my life for the first time’.