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    During moments of uncertainty and physical distancing, finding creative ways to continue to engage youth is more vital than ever.

    Since March of 2020, close to 400 Alphas for youth have been run online across Canada.

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    Digital Solutions

    Youth leaders and students are innovating to run not only their gatherings online, but also their Alphas online; demonstrating remarkable ways to show love and hospitality to guests through a digital experience.

    Youth Alphas all over Canada are running online and we want to serve students and leaders across the nation as they continue to share life, faith and Jesus.

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    The 3 main ingredients of Alpha are still effective online:


    Getting to know one another through conversation.


    Learning together from the Alpha video talks.


    Everyone having a chance to share their thoughts and questions.

    Students are encountering Jesus for the first time online.

    “We got to do Alpha online with people all around our city and it was just amazing ’cause we’re not all in one school and we united students faster than ever before. ”

    – Winston, student, Calgary, AB

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    Youth leaders are finding that Alpha online:

    Reaches more young people

    It’s accessible to youth everywhere.

    Empowers and engages youth

    Youth are more likely to try and run Alpha when it’s online.

    Grows strong leaders

    Puts responsibility and ownership into the hands of students.

    Changes lives

    Youth are encountering Jesus for the first time on video.

    Guide: Running Alpha for Youth Online

    For more tips on online hospitality, prayer ministry, and how to do the Alpha Weekend, download this guide.


    Youth Webinars and Learning Labs

    Past recordings

    May 13, 2020
    Alpha for Youth Learning Lab

    Watch it here

    May 6, 2020
    Alpha for Youth Learning Lab

    Watch it here

    For a list of upcoming learning labs and webinars and past recordings, click here.

    Alpha for Youth Online Resources

    When you register/login to MyAlpha, you’ll have access to:

    • Alpha Online Learning Module
    • Instructions for using Zoom
    • Video tutorials
    • Digital images to promote your online Alpha
      Alpha for Youth Online Resources