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    Our team of dedicated coaches located across Canada are here to support you as you consider, prepare for and run your Alpha.

    Whether you have questions like “Why would I run Alpha?”, or “How do I mobilize an Alpha team?” or “How do I best run an Alpha Weekend?”, we would love to connect with you and provide you with insights and best practices to run an incredible and impactful Alpha!

    Please connect with one of our Coaching Members from your area/context.

    Western Canada

    Gregg Cochrane

    Schedule a Session with Gregg

    Ontario & Atlantic Canada

    Esther Lysakovsky

    Schedule a Session with Esther

    Quebec & French Alphas

    JD Desbiens

    Schedule a Session with JD

    Alpha for Youth

    Tim Teakle

    Schedule a Session with Tim

    Alpha in a Catholic Context

    Ainsley Kensall

    Schedule a Session with Ainsley