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    This area of the site is intended for journalists and other members of the press who would like to find out more about Alpha. After having had a look around the site and you still haven’t found what you are looking for, please contact us:

    Alpha Ministries Canada

    1 800 743 0899


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    If you use or adapt content from Alpha Canada websites, we ask that you follow the guidelines described below.

    Alpha Brand Guidelines

    Please read the Alpha Brand Guidelines (updated 2018)


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    You may reproduce any article in full without modification of its content. We also ask that you credit the source. If you are quoting only a part of an article from the website, then you must credit the source and include an adjoining copyright credit that states: Images and text © Alpha Canada 2006-2018.

    Annual Report (2019)

    Click here to read Alpha Canada’s 2019 Year in Review.

    Product and Materials

    For proper use and permissions of the products and materials on this website please refer to shop.alpha.org/tc sections 12 and 14 for complete information.

    Copyright & Permissions

    Alpha Canada having obtained permission in accordance with Alpha International Brand License; that they may create Translations and Derivative Products only to the extent necessary to utilize the Products in the form required for the Canada, and as required for the Purpose of the propagation and advancement of Alpha and Alpha Canada and each of their respective related ministries in accordance with the mutual values and standards of Alpha and Alpha Canada. Alpha Canada may not change, amend or develop the Products in any way without Alpha’s prior written consent save for the purpose of producing a Translation or Derivative Product.

    In consideration of Alpha International’s undertakings to Alpha Canada in this agreement, Alpha Canada, for the duration of the Licence Period grants to church (but only for the Purpose) the non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use MyAlpha and Alpha Derivative Products.

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    “We have always been keen to allow individuals who are running an Alpha International Course the flexibility to adapt it where it was felt necessary to allow for locally felt needs and where there was the desire to retain the essential elements, nature and identity of the course. Experience has shown though that this has been misunderstood and the resulting loss of integrity in some courses has given rise to considerable confusion.

    Now that Alpha International resources and publications are being used all around the world we have reluctantly had to draw up a copyright statement more tightly in order to preserve confidence and quality control. We are sure you will understand. With the exception of books published by Kingsway or its licensees (in which the author is stated to hold the copyright), all Alpha International publications and materials including booklets, tapes and graphics are copyright to Alpha International.

    Alpha International publications cover a wide range of ministries including the Alpha Course, The Marriage Course, Caring for Ex-Offenders, Building a Twenty First Century Church and Dynamic Prayer in The Local Church. In no circumstances may any part of any Alpha International publication be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage or retrieval system without permission in writing from the copyright holder or that holder’s agent.

    Use of Alpha International publications is permitted only when in conjunction with the running or promotion of Alpha International courses. Resale, or the obtaining of payment in any other connection with any Alpha International publication is not permitted. Alpha International asks that the name of any Alpha International course, or names similar to it should not be used in connection with any other Christian course. This request is made in order to: avoid confusion caused by different courses having similar titles ensure the uniformity and integrity of the courses and to maintain confidence in courses listed on the Alpha International register.

    Alpha International accepts that minor adaptations to Alpha International courses may occasionally be desirable. These should only concern the length of the talks or the number of sessions. In each case the essential character of the course must be retained. If an Alpha International course is adapted the person responsible must: only use such a course in their own church or parish, not allow such a course to be used elsewhere, and not publish or promote such a course.”