Global Alpha Campaign

From September 2016 to December 2017, churches across Canada and around the world will invite their communities to explore life, faith and God on Alpha. The Global Alpha Campaign is the most visible, widespread and exciting invitation in Canada to encourage people to explore the meaning of life. The global advertising campaign features internationally recognized and respected British adventurer Bear Grylls sharing his journey to faith on Alpha.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore the basics of the Christian faith. Over 29 million people have taken Alpha in 169 countries. Alpha creates a space that encourages conversation in a relaxed, friendly and open environment. Everyone is welcome, but Alpha is designed specifically for people who would not describe themselves as Christians or church-goers.
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Who is Bear Grylls?

Bear Grylls is the most recognized face of survival and outdoor adventure in the world. With 1.5 billion fans he is recognized from New York to New Delhi. Starting in the fall of 2016, Bear will be sharing his journey to faith on Alpha in a way that the world has never seen before.

Why do the campaign?

By utilizing the new Alpha Film Series alongside the campaign, we have an opportunity for the Christian Church in Canada to galvanize together to invite our nation to explore Christianity. This is a strategic moment. We have a story that resonates with Canadians, a tool that can be used across denominations and online resources to collectively impact Canada.

In 2013, we saw 325 churches from 25 different denominations host 30,000 guests in our province – so I'm convinced that as churches cooperate from sea to sea the results will be astounding.

Gary Taitinger, Mill Woods Assembly
Participating Regions
Jon Thompson & Barry Parker

Starting Fall 2017, join Jon Thompson from C4 Church and Barry Parker from St. Paul’s Bloor St. as churches in the GTA invite their communities to explore their big questions at Alpha. For more information please contact Greg Nelson at

For Open Team Training dates and locations, visit

For regional prayer gathering dates and locations, visit

Bob Davies and Brent Daniel

Starting Fall 2017, join Bob Davies and Brent Daniel as churches in Ottawa invite their communities to explore their big questions at Alpha.

For more info on events and training please visit

Rob Hogendoorn

Starting Fall 2017, join Rob Hogendoorn from Forest City Community Church as churches in London invite their communities to explore their big questions at Alpha.

For more information, contact Nadia Zeversenuke at

Prince Edward Island
Roger MacPhee

Starting Fall 2017, join Roger MacPhee from St. John’s Presbyterian Church/Wood Islands Presbyterian Church as churches in P.E.I invite their communities to explore their big questions at Alpha.

Alpha Training on May 20th  |  9am-2:30pm
Training will be held as part of the Revival in Belfast Conference at St. John’s Presbyterian Church. Find out more at

St. John's
Dean Brenton

Starting Fall 2017, join Dean Brenton from the PAONL as churches in St. John’s invite their communities to explore their big questions at Alpha.

How to get involved
Get your church on board

Download the Global Alpha Campaign Guide and Church Mobilization Kit for more detailed information on the campaign including a checklist, key dates, and tips for planning and promoting your Alphas to your church communities, inspiring them to invite.

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Bear Grylls' Story

Watch Bear's Story

Finding faith was Bear Grylls' greatest adventure.

Watch Bear's Story