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    What is the Life Shared Initiative?

    It is a church-inspired response to the challenges of sharing faith and to mobilize Christians in Canada to invite people in their life to discover a relationship with Jesus.

    We’re focusing on working with churches across Canada, from Vancouver to St. John’s, with the aim of seeing the whole church, every single person, share life, faith and Jesus with at least one person.

    80% of Alpha guests come because they are invited by a Christian they are in relationship with already. We want to support that with new resources to encourage the whole church body to experience the joy of sharing Jesus and seeing friends lives transformed.

    Alpha: Invite

    Sunday Service Resources

    A series of videos and additional resources for the weeks leading up to your Alpha, including real stories of invitation.

    “Who will you invite?” video

    We suggest playing this video on a Sunday during summer holidays, and again in the fall before your Alpha.
    Watch | Download (HD)

    Alpha 11:02 Prayer Card | 3″ x 4″

    Based on the Scripture Luke 11:02

    Print and hand out a card to everyone in your congregation and encourage them pray for three people they want to invite to Alpha. We recommend sending the file directly to a local print shop. If printing in-house, please print it double-sided and to scale (3″ x 4″).
    View and download print-ready file

    Sunday Service Promotional Guide

    Includes a series of promotional videos, slides with talking points, and stories of invitation that you can share during your Sunday gatherings leading up to your Alpha launch.

    Sunday Service Guide | Slides | Videos

    Alpha: Invite

    Life Shared Small Group Series

    Download for free at lifesharedseries.com


    With Biblical teaching from leading Christian voices and real stories of invitation, each session will explore what it means to live out God’s call to share our lives and invite people into an honest conversation around the Christian faith.

    Three Sessions about Sharing Faith

    To complement the Sunday gathering, many churches meet mid-week in smaller groups. We have developed a pre-Alpha small group series that is aimed at mobilizing your congregation in the art of invitation.

    The series includes:

    • 3 episodes (15 minutes each in length)
    • series trailer
    • discussion guide
    • leader’s guide

    Download it for free at lifesharedseries.com.

    Alpha: Invite

    New Promotional Assets

    Now available


    A collection of new print and digital assets are now available in Alpha Builder, including postcards, banners, instagram images, Sunday service slides, etc.

    There are options for both potential guests as well as for your church as a reminder to invite.

    Please login to your account and create your Alpha to access these resources.

    Alpha: Equip

    New Training Centre

    Now available


    We have developed Alpha’s ‘7 Best Practices’ by observing churches across the world that have developed a thriving culture of evangelism.

    A collection of short videos explain how to run the most successful Alpha and are ideal for Church Leaders, Alpha Team Leaders and Administrators who want to learn how to create the best experience. Click here to watch them.

    If you plan to run Alpha this fall, we encourage you to share about Alpha with your church community before the summer holidays.

    There is a new invite video and prayer card resource you can share with your congregation to encourage them to start praying for people in their life who they want to invite to Alpha.

    A new suite of resources will be released to help engage your church community and potential guests, and equip your Alpha leaders heading into the fall season.

    Have your church community go through the new 3-week series together to inspire and equip them to invite someone they know to Alpha.

    Leading up to your fall Alpha launch, start promoting Alpha 4 weeks out and encourage your congregation and Alpha leaders to invite.

    We suggest having your Alpha commence the week of September 15th, 2019 to align with Alphas launching all across the country.

    In alignment with the unified Alpha launch, most Alpha Weekends will fall on these two weekends: November 1st-3rd or November 8th-10th. You could host your own Alpha Weekend, or open yours up to other churches or join another one happening in your region.

    How do I get involved?
    Sign up to Run Alpha

    Align your Alpha dates with the national initiative and utilize the new resources to encourage participation in a national fall invitation. The resources are designed to get people out of their seats and into the mission.

    Create your Alpha


    We invite you to join us in prayer as churches all over Canada run Alpha this fall with the aim of reaching over 80,000 guests with the Gospel of Jesus.

    Find out more


    Alpha is 100% donor funded so that we can provide resources and support to churches across Canada completely free of charge. Some churches, however, have decided to support Alpha’s work by generously giving financially. Would you consider donating?

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